Thought of the Day…

Following a very good week, this is going to be the main thing on my mind:

“I will not allow yesterday’s success lull me into today’s complacency, for this is the greatest foundation for failure.”

– pretty sure I picked this up on Don Miller’s Blog.

8 thoughts on “Thought of the Day…

  1. For sure! Every time you tend to think you have things sorted, then you get sloppy and you get punished 😉 As you said last time, as a trader, you are your own worst enemy!

  2. Its true what you said , and that,s why we have to be adaptive .

    Our System tells you Exactly what to Do ! ( Set of Rules )

    But the Strategy is more Flexible , with The Element or Interpretation and Good Judgment ….So when we Look at a Chart our Strategy which also involves a degree of interpretation that comes into play before we use are System . ( This skill comes with only time and Experience ) Before you Become an Intuitive Trader .

    Must do a write up on my own blog about this !

    1. Would love to read your article and yes that’s the key and that is why two people with the same system or set of rules can generate very different results. And since your are your own worst enemy, only time will allow you to get to know yourself and how to watch out for mistakes > that is why (even if I used to think it was a pain) it is important to keep a journal or/and to regularly review your trades…

  3. I now have a Sore Head nodding and agreeing with Everything word you said 50 ;). At the end of the day the system is only as good as its owner , which would point us back towards the whole psychology of each individual and how he see,s the world before him . Twitter is my Journal and posting my loses is great as it Keeps my Ego in Check and my enemy from winning . Great Debate 50 !

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