Traders Guns & Money: S. Das

How could you ‘not want’ to read a book  with this title! Satyajit Das gives us yet another must read for your bookshelf. The knowns and unknowns in the dazzling world of derivatives…

This book is really interesting and fascinating, not only for the actual financial explanations but because it is a bit of a hybrid between a text-book, novel and memoir – all thanks to over 25 years experience in the financial markets.

The book offers a cynical and comical explanation of the culture, games and deceptions played out in trading rooms around the world – usually with other people’s money… The author takes the reader through a detailed account of how derivatives where born, how they evolved and especially, how they were/are used to fool investors  – usually due to their complex nature.

This is a true insider’s account that will prove interesting and insightful to anyone and  not only to people directly involved in the financial markets.


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