Investing humor from Buffett

OK, it’s not Friday but just re-read this and thought it was worth posting:

From the 2005 letter to shareholders:

“The attitude of our managers vividly contrasts with that of the young man who married a tycoon’s only child, a decidedly homely and dull lass. Relieved, the father called in his new son-in-law after the wedding and began to discuss the future:

  • “Son, you’re the boy I always wanted and never had. Here’s a stock certificate for 50% of the company. You’re my equal partner from now on.”
  • “Thanks, dad.”
  • “Now, what would you like to run? How about sales?”
  • “I’m afraid I couldn’t sell water to a man crawling in the Sahara.”
  • “Well then, how about heading human relations?”
  • “I really don’t care for people.”
  • “No problem, we have lots of other spots in the business. What would you like to do?”
  • “Actually, nothing appeals to me. Why don’t you just buy me out?”


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