Thought of the Day…

Going into the new year, my main thought is learn from your mistakes! I know that I cannot control price movement and what will effect currency moves but what I CAN do is control my self. Unfortunately, this is easier said the done.

Trading is a constant battle with your inner daemons and I feel that I will always be working on the same things with the hope of keeping the learning curve on an uptrend.

One way of tackling this is to keep a trading journal and closely monitor your stats and remember that you do not have to have perfect numbers. You just need to win 51% of the time and keep your average loss lower than you average win. From there, you can set yourself realistic targets and improve year in year out… if you think this is just stating the obvious, I am willing to bet that you do not keep a journal 😉

Hope everyone has a great 31st and I wish you all the best for a Zen 2010.

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