On the Radar…

With Euro and Cable at lows and on the edge choices are limited… basically, either you are in or you are not.

Of course you could try all kind of stuff but since I’m not into selling lows or buying highs, I will be looking to sell bounces or buy any strength for counter trend long.

However, this could also be a day to sit tight and wait for safer and better percentage plays…but easy to say also because I am still holding shorts from yesterday.

Sstay safe 😉

4 thoughts on “On the Radar…

  1. Agreed! I am also in and simply managing open trades. We are at critical levels that could see price exhaustion easily occur and send us higher. While a price correction may be a nice opportunity to short, consider also the daily chart and that we have been dropping to lower lows for 3 consecutive trading sessions. I nice enough correction that respects the Fib lines and I would def consider adding to shorts.

    1. Thanks for the comment Lydia. Obviously agree and also we have a lot of data and politicians on the wires today which move markets in normal conditions so imagine what they can do at these levels 😉

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