On the Radar…

Euro and Cable shorts still playing out nicely but what goes down…..

  • EURUSD > bearish, focus now on test of 1,3250s and reaction there
  • GBPUSD > bearish, focus on test of 1,4850s and reaction there
  • USDJPY > bullish, those build swing longs at 90s playing out nicely, focus now on test of 92,50s and reaction there

Keep it tight and remember what tends to happen to those who short lows  😉

BTW, also keep in mind that squeezes will offer great s-t scalps for the careful and tight trader…

2 thoughts on “On the Radar…

  1. Forgive me, what happens when you short lows? If you set up an entry below the low isn’t that a good chance to catch a breakout?

  2. Could be Brian but the saying is that you tend to set yourself up to get squeezed… but as you say, you can play a breakout strategy as long as you stick to your plan and your stops 😉

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