On the Radar…

A couple of opportunities to book some short profits yesterday but overall a disappointing day for the short side stuck fighting an impossible inter-day battle. Action really highlighted why we had to keep stops very tight and stay nimble but again, got caught with too much squeeze power 😉

  • EURUSD > sloppy action fueled by squeeze action but those 3550s are still holding > watching break above but mindful of retracement into 3450s but 34 level is strong. Will be very cautious.
  • GBPUSD > mindful of a retracement but well bid. Watching 5250s but ideally waiting for 53s > on the sidelines for now.
  • USDJPY > swing longs pushing higher targeting 95s > 92.80s offered buying dips for aggressive players.

Keep in mind a lot of data and April 1st > play it safe. I will be watching action closely into London and playing shorter time-frames for now but this could change any second, keep up on twitter!

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