On the Radar…

OK, last trading day of the week, Good Friday and NFP Friday > priority today is to STAY SAFE and KEEP IT TIGHT! Furthermore, keep in mind that there is more and more talk of  the Fed raising the discount rate on Monday, European close.

In terms of trading, the above means that I will be looking to play the s-t bullish trend on cable and euro into NFP and then re-assess BUT keeping in mind that we could be getting a change to reverse short for a move back into the l-t bearish trend. Again, this will be volatile today so be careful.

We might get good short swing entries today but I am still hesitant about holding over the long weekend and will be very conservative. Remember, set-ups will still be there next week and there will be opportunites to get into whatever happens today even if it means missing some pips.

If you trade, stay very nimble but I could also make a good case for taking tha day off 😉

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