On the Radar…

A reminder about Monday and Friday trading > keep it extra tight and even consider trading half size.

Everyone will be quite excited this morning looking to pick up ‘easy’ pips by playing all the gap fills but I would just like to add a word of caution > gaps do fill but not always when and how you would like them to, I would be careful and make sure you have a clear set-up even when playing the gap fill and especially, with a tight stop.

The other thing to keep in mind is not to overstay your welcome, note that, for example, the Euro gap fill is a perfect long entry so be aware that the pair should be well bid there too.

I am cautious today also keeping in mind news and wires but looking to stand aside for the fills and stalking long setups > naturally this can change if the levels fail… and I am in no hurry to trade, only open position here is a short on the ES with a stop at BE so very calm morning on my side.

As usual, just my 0,01 cents 😉

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