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As discussed in today’s webinar, I have been focusing a little bit more on ES, DAX, Crude and Gold but since the main purpose of these sessions is to help out, I thought that it would only be fitting to let you decide:

Thank you for participating in the poll.

7 thoughts on “Sunday Webinar Content…

  1. The benefit of the webinar is really about getting a feel for how you assess your charts which benefits all so a broad coverage is very valuable 50

    1. Thank you sir, those were my thoughts behind expanding the coverage but just wanted to double check, I hope people will wee the benefit of the broader approach too 😉

  2. I am forex trader..
    Because there is “only” one hour of the webinar, it is not optimal to divide it into 2 or three parts..
    Then, the effectivity falls!!! If you want to cover one of them properly, 20minutes is not enough for eurusd,gbpusd,usdjpy,gbpjpy etc…or ES,dax…crude , gold..
    50 does his work in detail, it would be worse to shorten any of them..
    BUT if you changed nothing, nothing would happen:-))

    Either way, your work has great benefit for all of us!!!

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