EURUSD Update…

Judging by the comments and questions, this is the only chart people are interested in 😉

As far as I can see, all eyes will be on reaction in the 3430 area, as we are now back to the scene of the crime, where the sell off started. I have also highlighted a bigger zone to the upside that could easily provide ‘pull’ should the squeeze continue.

I was going to offer some food for thought and key learnings about these recent moves but I feel enough has been said, history repeats, only thing that really counts is > manage your risk or you will not be around tomorrow… stay safe and don’t be stubborn.

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2 thoughts on “EURUSD Update…

  1. Isn’t this the truth, manage your risk. I have tried on this pair twice now but lucky risked a quarter of normal risk on the first, and less than a quarter on my second since I knew I was trying to pick tops. By now I’d be depressed if I had hit it with normal risk.

    Classic short squeeze. To the moon, Europes in trouble? hmmmm.

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