Thought of the Day…

“Focus on being profitable for the week – Individual trades may go against you and individual trading days can offer little opportunity. As a senior trader once explained to me, for the active trader, however, there are enough fresh opportunities in a week to make it reasonable to set a goal of being profitable for the week. You won’t reach your goal every single week, but the mere act of setting the goal keeps you focused. For example, you don’t want to lose so much money in a single day that you can’t make it back during the other days of the week. You also don’t want to lose so much money on a single trade that you can’t come back during the remainder of the day. When you really push yourself to be profitable every week, you don’t let individual days get away from you. And when you don’t let individual days get away from you, you start managing each trade carefully to ensure that your largest loss won’t exceed your largest gain. Time and again I’ve seen a consistent sign of progress among developing traders: they stop digging themselves into holes.”

– Brett Steenbarger

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