Changes to the Weekly Webinars…

As promised, a little ‘heads up’ for those that have been thinking about subscribing to confirm that there will be some changes to the weekly webinar scheduling & pricing in the coming weeks.

What started as a single weekly session almost 2 years ago has slowly evolved into a more complete offering and after having moved the free Sunday session to Friday, I think it is only natural to add another session to complete the week.

The new schedule will be:

  • Monday, 09:15 to 10:00 EST time. < *New Session*
  • Tuesday, 08:00 to 09:30 EST time.
  • Wednesday, 09:15 to 10:00 EST time.
  • Thursday, 08:00 to 09:30 EST time.
  • Friday, +/- 13:00EST time, depending on availability & market action.  < *Free*

Most traders fail because they never put themselves in a position to succeed and that is what we tackle. What these webinars provide is a ‘real and live’ learning experience, offering participants an insight into how a professional retail trader views the markets in terms of psychology, odds and setups. The focus is performing ‘Live’ technical analysis in a serious learning environment, showing participants how we can have a clear understanding of market dynamics and trade set-ups by primarily using: support/resistance, fibs and channels. I will not be making trade calls or recommendations per se but naturally, we look at both sides of the markets, current/future setups and how to engage in a responsible manner.

Readers know my philosophy: – remember that trading is an extremely hard way to make a living. It is not a ‘job’ in the strict sense of the word but it is a profession and unless you put yourself in a position to succeed by treating it as a business, you are going to find out the hard way how physically, psychologically and economically taxing it can be. Don’t let anyone tell you it can’t be done but equally, don’t let anyone give you the false impression that this is easy and that there are shortcuts. In my humble opinion, a real trader is formed through consistency and longevity and despite the fact that not everyone is going to be able to function in this type of business, if tackled with dedication, discipline and devotion, it can be one of the most rewarding ways of life, if not ‘the only way’ for people that are truly wired to be traders. –

Naturally, my focus remains to attract serious and dedicated participants to this service and even if the new pricing structure will continue to offer exceptional value, there will be a considerable revision to the current rates to bring them closer to ‘fair-value’ for this service and to account for the extra sessions that have been added.

Current subscribers: there will be no change in terms of pricing, as long as your original payment profile is active, you are locked-in at that price for as long as these sessions are running. As usual, you continue to be rewarded for your commitment, hard work and dedication.

Should you be interested in joining us before the launch of the new schedule or to get a feel for the sessions > LEARN.

Looking forwards to seeing you there and don’t forget that the Friday webinars are still free ;-)

4 thoughts on “Changes to the Weekly Webinars…

  1. 50, I must say that is great news, I have only been attending the live webinars since February this year and I am not sure if I should be more thankful for the pips m slowly increasing understanding of the markets and how they are likely to move have saved me or the ones they have made me. I shudder to think where my account would be had I not happened across your twitter posts. Your knowledge and ability to transfer or communicate it clearly has saved my and kept the dream of “no 9-5” alive.

  2. I started trading the currency market in 2004, like many, attracted by the minimal start-up costs and margin requirements. Like many, the cost of that experience/education was hefty. What I have lost in the currency market, of my own doing, is significantly much, much higher and much more frustrating than what I spend on your monthly webinar subscription.

    That being said, what I have learned from these webinars and your insights, has allowed me to resign from a position in a highly respected company, to trade full time and be self-supportive. If the webinar subscription service were to end today, I feel confident that I would continue to prosper from my personal learnings you have incorporated. These webinars are indeed a serious learning experience and not a signal service. I have gotten so much out of these webinars where not only ‘look ahead’ technicals (nothing lagging here), psychology, and market dynamics but also responsibility.

    If you put your time in and study, you should reap what you sow. 🙂 Thank you 50 for sharing your priceless insights and learnings and allowing me the opportunity to learn from an experienced profitable independent trader.

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