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As opposed to holding a live webinar Q&A session, I have decided to go for the written option as it will probably be easier for people to go through, rather than to have to listen to the whole recording. This will be a dynamic post, in the sense that I will update it with any further questions that come in. Hope this helps…
In no particular order:
When are the webinars held? Live market sessions are held Monday through Friday from 08:45 to 09:45 AM EST and are recorded/archived for active subscribers.
How are these different from the free live sessions held on the first Sunday of every month? Apart from being a paid service and the fact that we have a session 5 times a week, these are a lot more dynamic and have the added benefit of being live during key market hours. Furthermore, even if they may appear similar at first, the underlying focus and structure is very different as the Sunday ones are meant to serve as an outlook for the week, whereas the weekly sessions not only serve to update this outlook in real-time but also to focus on intraday/intraweek dynamics, offering participants an insight into how a professional retail trader views markets in terms of psychology, price action, odds and set-ups. Furthermore, in sticking with our commitment to continue to take the weekly webinars service to the next level and help members put themselves in the best possible condition to succeed, we have introduced a set of specific webinars covering a set of foundational topics ranging from: trading psychology, leverage/realistic expectations, strategy development and the business of trading. We will cover these subjects through stand-alone sessions held on a select number of Wednesdays >>> On-hold for now as we have completed the series. Please refer to the Learn Page for access to the recordings.
Can you go into more detail on what you cover in the Foundational Webinars? We are flexible on what we cover but the main discussions are structured around Trading (understanding how to tackle it in a professional manner, what it takes, realistic expectations and consistency/longevity), Markets (understanding the basics, cycles/bigger picture, strategies and positive expectancy) and Performance (understanding strategies, leverage, attracting investor capital and journaling) >>> On-hold for now as we have completed the series. Please refer to the Learn Page for access to the recordings.
Do you call trades? This is not a signal service per se but naturally, we look at both sides of the markets, current/future setups and how to engage in a responsible manner. The focus is not on ‘calling trades’ but on understanding how current/future setups are being traded and can be traded through differing strategies/setups, not only depending on the action but also depending on the trader. Having said this, we do look at both live trades and strategies that are setting up with detailed options on how to engage and manage these trades.
What about your trades? I disclose all open positions and am more than happy to go through the actual trades, hypothesis and management of each position I hold in my book.
What Pairs or Futures do you review? We focus on the most liquid instruments but as long as it’s on one of the charting platforms we use, it can be reviewed. We’ll look at anything. The focus is not on what we ‘like’ to look at but on what is interesting at that specific time from both a trading and learning perspective.
Experience required? None. These session are both for novice and experienced traders. Naturally, a basic understanding of charts & markets would be preferable.
Do I get any other study materials? No. This is not a ‘set course’. We are holding live sessions and focusing on the real-time experience. We firmly believe in the value of ‘live’ and that the best way to understand market dynamics is to go through everything in a ‘live’ environment. Trading is not something you can just pick up in textbooks, it’s a dynamic process and it is essential to be able to process information, adapt, engage and function in a live setting. Hindsight is 20/20 and we are not looking at the past to confirm the past but in order to learn and formulate tradable views of the future. Context is key and the only way to really develop an understand/feeling for this is in a live environment; this is one of the main things aspiring traders struggle with once they go live, no matter how much study/demo they have done. >>> For a more structured approach to your learning  please refer to the Foundation Webinars Series on the Learn Page on the blog.
What if I can’t attend live? The sessions are recorded/archived for active subscribers to access sessions held whilst signed-up. These recordings can also be used as a dynamic learning tool and therefore live attendance is not necessary. Naturally, attending live means that you can ask question but a lot of subscribers go through the recordings for learning purposes too.
Are the recordings to past sessions available? Subscribers have access to the recordings of all the weely webinars that take place during their subscription period and for as long as they remain an active subscriber.
Can I ask question? Sure. There is a Q&A Box and questions/comments are welcome. Depending on how the market is moving, we will focus more on specific questions relating to the charts or we can also tackle other issues on slower days. Furthermore, you may have to deal with the occasional rant but subscribers seem to rate these very highly 😉
Why do people sign up? Most traders fail because they never put themselves in a position to succeed and that is what we tackle. These webinars provide a ‘real & live’ learning experience that can be used in various ways. All kinds of traders and aspiring traders subscribe. Some attend live, some watch the recordings, some are experienced traders that just like the banter or want to have a second unbiased opinion, some are just looking to keep on learning… it really depends on the individual but I would say that the common thread is they provided an unbiased, no bs view of the markets, day in and day out, not only highlighting both sides of the action but how the current context will likely effect the odds & psychology of both traders and flows.
Where do I sign up? On the Learn Page on the blog.
Is there a minimum subscription period?  The subscription is set up as a recurring monthly payment through PayPal. This means that you can cancel any time you like, so effectively your stop on this position is one month subscription fee.
What happens after I sign up? You will receive an email detailing the process and your account details (at the latest by the following business day). Please note that the email address linked to your PayPal account will be used for this.
What about holiday schedule? There is no ‘fixed’ holiday schedule, we discuss this in the room and make sensible decisions based on the current context. As a general rule, if markets are open, we’ll tend to hold a session. However, there is no point watching paint dry and that is why we will have some days off in the middle of august and between Xmas and the New Year. On days when either US or EU are closed, we will tend to go ahead and have a session, even if this means cutting it short if the markets are simply not moving.
Can I get a free trial? No, sorry but simply too much admin to deal with. There is plenty of free material on the blog to get a feel for these sessions and my style. Anyway, as you can cancel anytime you want, you only have 1 month risk and naturally, I consider the risk/reward on this trade spectacular 😉
Any additional Q&A will be added here…


12 thoughts on “Daily Webinars: FAQ…

  1. Hello,

    “… we have a session 4 times a week, these are a lot more dynamic….”
    It’s diffirent beetwen free analysis. But on your blog we can see “USDJPY Update…” for example …. so what main diffirent? Maybe you also answer on trader’s questions ?

    “…What about your trades? I disclose all open positions and am more than happy to go through the actual trades, hypothesis and management of each position I hold in my book….”

    So anyone can see your trader. Where? Please give link.

    1. Hi,

      – yes we construct the charts live and then we go through them in detail and discuss different trade setups etc… it’s an additional layer to the free stuff on the blog.
      – discussions around my trades and what I am doing happen in real-time during the live sessions.

      Hope this helps,


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