Foundational Webinars Series:
This package contains 10 recorded 1h long webinars that serve as a foundation to both aspiring traders and subscribers to the Weekly Webinars Group who are looking for a more structured approach to their learning. The webinars cover set of foundational topics ranging from: the business of trading, market dynamics, strategy development, realistic expectations, structuring trade setups and much more.
You can find more details on these sessions in this introductory blog post > Foundational Webinar Series.
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Daily Webinar Group:
Most traders fail because they never put themselves in a position to succeed and this is what we tackle.
webinars provide a ‘real & live’ learning experience, offering participants an insight into how a professional retail trader views markets in terms of market psychology, price action, odds and set-ups, highlighting how to learn to construct a framework for building a clear understanding of market dynamics and context within which to operate.
Sessions are held Monday through Friday from 08:45 to 09:45 AM EST and are recorded/archived for active subscribers.
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Video updates focusing on highlighting key market dynamics, context and trade ideas. The service revolves around identifying key risks/opportunities and distilling them down in a digestible format. All asset classes are covered and subscriber Questions/suggestions for content ARE welcomed.
In addition to the Weekly Outlook, New videos are posted multiple times per week subject to market action.
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