Darwinex Update

Another step in the right direction. Darwinex will now offer direct market access (DMA) to single stocks. We are all looking forwards to the upcoming webinar where we will get more background and details. Stay tuned…
If you are focused on continually improving performance, wanting to operate in a professional environment and potentially earn additional monies from your trading activity, then Darwinex is really a no-brainer.
Darwinex allows you to legally market your trades for a 20% investor success fee without any of the hassle involved in setting up and getting regulated for a managed accounts business. Furthermore, this is done protecting your intellectual property by never disclosing live trades and in addition, offering you a whole host of analytics, as well as access to a serious investor pool. Basically, you have a lot of upside with no downside.
Please note that we are talking about a serious platform, for serious traders, with realistic expectations. This is not something for gunslingers, get-rich-quick-aficionados and/or storytellers. You don’t necessarily have to be consistently profitable yet but you do have to have the intention of doing things the right way and the Darwinex platform offers you the possibility to do this. Furthermore, Darwinex independently rewards traders by investing their own funds backing the best strategies (current allocation is 4M Euro per month).
Advantages of registering through 50Scouts:
  • gives you the opportunity to get backed by 50Scouts funds.
  • allows you to benefit from a number of special member webinar sessions; ranging from best practices, strategy optimization, attracting investor monies and special updates from Darwinex available only to group members.
  • offers you the possibility benefit from a free 30m one-to-one call once you have reached the minimum experience level to launch your Darwin. Basically a mini mentoring session with 50.
  • entitles you to receive special invitations to attend select Weekly Webinar Learning Group Sessions (usually once per month).
  • as an Investor: not only allows you to benefit from all the trader benefits listed above but also gives you access to Darwin performance/selection webinars and offers you the possibility to qualify for a free 30m one-to-one call to review your portfolio and selection criteria.

Wednesday Update

“But the real object of the Game is not the money, it is the playing of the Game itself. For the true players, you could take all the trophies away and substitute plastic beads or whale’s teeth; as long as there is a way to keep score, they will play.” – George Goodman (aka Adam Smith), “The Money Game”
In case you missed it, here is our latest Weekly Outlook Video.
Note for active 50Scouts members: make sure you keep an eye on your inbox for a free pass to Friday’s daily webinar session (make sure to check your spam folder too).
As always, there is no substitute for real-time/live action; if you are interested in attending a daily morning call into NY with a more detailed live discussion on all the charts and ideas we highlight/review in the outlook video and here on the blog, you should check out our Daily Webinar Group.

EURUSD Chart & Video Outlook

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Thought of the Day

Obsess less about entry & trigger / Focus more on size & exit > One is for show and the other for dough 😉

Foundational Session: 50 on Markets

Session confirmed for Wednesday September 28th @ 12:15 EST / 18:15 CET.

52Traders Interview

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Weekly Wrap-Up & Outlook | 19/06/2016

ES Chart & Video Outlook

Thought of the Day

“Every day do something that will inch you closer to a better tomorrow.”

– Doug Firebaugh