Interview (06/2010)…

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by EuoDoo Radio on their radio show “Trading Places”.
Should you be interested, please click on the following >
Once again, I would like to thank Scott and everyone at EuoDoo.

8 thoughts on “Interview (06/2010)…

  1. Nice interview and a lot of good insight! Molto meglio degli sproloqui di Lippi 🙂 (sicuramente se avesse avuto una strategia come te avremmo passato il girone lol Ciao)

  2. Just came across your blog last night. Didn’t you post a trade on the GP/USD? And it was a great one. Why isn’t it mentioned here?

    1. Hello, I think you mean the trade I took in the morning… the blog is just to help traders with direction and give some ideas… I am not laking calls or posting my trades > just trying to help a bit, that’s all 😉

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