Interview (06/2010)…

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by EuoDoo Radio on their radio show “Trading Places”.
Should you be interested, please click on the following >
Once again, I would like to thank Scott and everyone at EuoDoo.

10 thoughts on “Interview (06/2010)…

  1. Nice interview and a lot of good insight! Molto meglio degli sproloqui di Lippi 🙂 (sicuramente se avesse avuto una strategia come te avremmo passato il girone lol Ciao)

  2. Just came across your blog last night. Didn’t you post a trade on the GP/USD? And it was a great one. Why isn’t it mentioned here?

    1. Hello, I think you mean the trade I took in the morning… the blog is just to help traders with direction and give some ideas… I am not laking calls or posting my trades > just trying to help a bit, that’s all 😉

  3. Hi 50, this interview is no longer available on soundcloud. Could you please arrange to have it again on youtube and share the new link?

    1. Hi Trader Matrix, for some reason the file has been corrupted and the interview was done with a Radio that is no longer online.
      Pretty much everything that was covered in this interview is covered in all the following ones that are on the blog.
      I’ll let you know if I manage to get it back on line. Thanks for the note, 50

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