EURUSD Update…

This is the short-term euro move I have been tweeting about… very aggressive sell-off. Let’s see if those targets hit but remember, price rarely moves in a straight line 😉

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4 thoughts on “EURUSD Update…

  1. Hi 50 regarding the fib you pulled from the 1.27715 level EUR/USD, why was it pulled from this level and not from the higher level of 1.2917 was it because it was from a distinguishing looking pinbar on the hourly or for the fact it tied in nicely with area of support yesterday at 1.2730 that was broken and now being an area of resistance – I hope you understand my Question so I can understand why you drew this fib.. many thanks Drew….

    1. Thanks for the question Drew, very clear and yes, due to the nice fit with that previous 2730s area and therefore expecting offers in that area. Hope that helps.

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