Euro Update…

Here is the updated chart of the bigger levels we were looking at:

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3 thoughts on “Euro Update…

  1. Hy 50! … I follow you by Twitter (ForextrRadioman) and I wonder, how that message “Option Expiries for Today > $eurusd 1.2600, $1.2650, $1.2700, $1.2800, $1.2850 $usdjpy Y83.00, Y83.50, Y83.65, Y85.00” makes any tradinglookout for that pairs … does it mean, there is at those levels are massive sell orders waiting? … or buy orders? … or are that strong support/resistance levels?

    BTW thank you for all the informations at your website and twitter! …

    I wish you and yours a nice weekend,
    greetings from Hamburg (Germany),

    1. Hello Dietmar, hope all is good in Hamburg (I love it, really great place).

      The tweet is just for reference more than anything else…. on occasions, price will tend to gravitate to some of those levels and especially if large ones, there will be action around them until after the cut at 1400GMT…. tricky and long subject but I just post them for reference as some of my followers do not have access to the data.

      Hope this helps. Have a great weekend!

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