Wednesday Session…

Thank you for all your feedback for the Mid Week Webinar. It looks like we do have some good interest and this is what I would propose:

  • Hosted on Wednesday from 08:00 to 09:30 NY time: this would mean 4 or 5 sessions a month depending on the calendar.
  • Similar format to the Sunday webinar, reviewing and anticipating moves in a live environment: (i) review of recent price action and a look at what we can expect to see (ii) the purpose of these sessions is to show participants how we can have a clear understanding of market dynamics and trade set-ups by simply using: support/resistance, fibs and channels (iii) I will not be making trade calls or recommendations, the sessions should be seen as a learning experience.
  • Webinar Structure: (i) general review of ES, Gold and Crude (ii) main focus on Euro, Cable and Yen (iii) highlights on  interesting action / setups lining-up on other pairs. This will be live during market hours, so focus could shift depending on actual market action.
  • Interaction: there will be no live chat like in the Sunday webinar, participants will remain anonymous to other subscribers but there will be a dialog box to submit questions to the presenter.
  • Pricing: I have made a conscious effort to keep the price for the service ‘reasonable’ and truly believe that it offers exceptional value. There will be no free trial period as you can easily get a feeling for my style and competence from the Blog, Twitter or the Free Webinar, after that, you can decide if you want to make an investment. The fee will be 100 Euro rolling PayPal monthly subscription plan, no refunds but since you can cancel at any time, your risk is the first payment and naturally, I feel the risk/reward is extremely good.

I am going to run the first sessions with a limited number of participants, just to sort out all tech issues therefore, this session will be slightly longer in duration to compensate for any inconvenience. If you are interested in applying for one of these first slots, please leave me your email address in the comments section, I will not publish it and get back to you shortly. Open subscriptions will start after this process has been completed.

Looking forwards to having you on board and if this is not for you, see you in th free session on Sunday. ;-)

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