EURUSD Update…

Our Euro chart… all about that 3600 level.

> Click on chart to enlarge <

11 thoughts on “EURUSD Update…

  1. Hi 50’s,

    I’ve signed up as a memeber and get your daily emails but in the last week or so your charts have stopped working. I found these really helpful setting up my support and resistance lines. I appreciate that you’re no doubt extremely busy but if you could look into it i’d really appreciate it.

    Thanks in advance,


    1. Hello Rob, thanks for signing up.

      What do you mean by not working? I have asked around and checked on different emails and nothing seems to have changed?



  2. Hi 50’s,

    Firstly, thanks for such a rapid response, really appreciated. In the past when i’ve received your email i’ve had an image that i just clicked on and it opens up a new window and i can see the chart. But in the past week the image has gone and now i’m faced with blue bold lettering that looks like this

    >Click on chart to enlarge<

    and i can't click on it.

    Thanks again,


    1. Hi, I am really sorry but the issue must be on your side, maybe you can contact

      I have just checked on both a hotmail and gmail account and the chart still appears in the email

      You might have changed something your end or might need to run some updates.. really sorry but I am not a tech guys 😉

      I hope you get it sorted.



  3. Hi 50’s,

    Had a horrible feeling that would be the case, thanks for looking into it and the quickness of your responses.


  4. And just to add an extra twist the charts have now started working. I cleared my internet history and that seems to have done the trick!!

    Thanks again 50’s, really enjoying the charts and your updates; find them extremely useful.


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