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FUNDAMENTALS: After completion, Comes new beginnings. To gain strength, Renew the root.

In music, the fundamental tone is the lowest, or root, tone of a chord.  Without its presence, no true character is established.  Our actions in life are as similarly varied and complex as music.  Without a thorough grounding, there is no harmony.

Followers of Tao emphasize cycles.  This must include a sound understanding of what to do whenever a cycle comes to an end.  New ones will begin: Some of them will be engendered by the old one, others may simply be in the background and will now come forward.  If we are to properly shape these new movements and if we are to prevent unwanted cycles from beginning, we must take stock and renew our basis in the fundamentals.

Everyone wants to be daring, creative, and original.  Everyone wants to do things in new ways.  But unless we return over and over again to the basics, we will have no chance to truly soar.  Do not forget the root.  Without it, we can never issue forth true power.

365 Tao: Daily Meditations
Deng Ming-Dao

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