Weekly Wrap-Up & Outlook | 06/10/2013

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4 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-Up & Outlook | 06/10/2013

  1. As a trader, I believe our worst enemy is our own mind and staying the course. Whether it be greed, fear, conspiracy theorists, boredom, patience, lack of detail and focus or plain and simple life. My homework is to study these ‘Outlooks’ that you generously provide, to stay on track with the proper psychology that price action and you provide if we listen. It is not rocket science nor is it definitely easy either. I ask myself what are the bulls looking at, what are the bears looking at and where are their stops. Who is in control if any? Listening, truly listening, and watching these outlooks repeatedly through out the week are so very helpful if not forewarning of a possible trade opportunity otherwise missed. I am going to add to my weekly routine of not only watching these on Sunday, but Wednesday and Saturday as well. All of which have purpose: study, reacquaint/remind, and reflect. I believe reflect has had the greatest impact.

    Thank you for all you have taught me, not only in these weekly outlooks but in the weekly webinars as well. You are truly a treasure and will always have my gratitude.

    1. Wow … Thanks! Best comment / note on the blog to date, excellent. Reading this has really made my day, extremely happy to read this, great job , right on the mark 😉 Thank you so much for this, really great. Top! 😉

  2. So very glad it accomplished it’s purpose. Please never stop these weekly outlooks, …but no pressure 🙂


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