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DEATH: Death is, The opposite, Of time.

We give death metaphors. We cloak it in meaning and make up stories about what will happen to use, but we don’t really know. When a person dies, we cannot see beyond the corps. We speculate on reincarnation or talk in terms of eternity. But death is opaque to us, a mystery. In its realm, time ceases to have meaning. All laws of physics become irrelevant. Death is the opposite of time.

What dies? Is anything actually destroyed? Certainly not the body, which falls into its constituent parts of water and chemicals. That is mere transformation, not destruction. What of the mind? Does it cease to function, or does it make a transition to another existence? We don’t know for sure, and few can come up with anything conclusive.

What dies? Nothing of the person dies in the sense that the constituent parts are totally blasted from all existence. What dies is merely the identity, the identification of a collection of parts that we call a person. Each one of us is a role, like some shaman wearing layers of robes with innumerable fetishes of meaning. Only the clothes and decoration fall. What dies is only our human meaning. There is still someone naked underneath. Once we understand who that someone is, death no longer bothers us. Nor does time.

365 Tao: Daily Meditations
Deng Ming-Dao

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  1. Beautiful quote 50!

    Its been long time I have messaged you 50, though I am following you for longest of times. Going through rough a tumble of times but hoping for some closure on these. I am so confident on FX trading, thanks to you 50, but to initiate it requires some amount of cash+infra which I currently totally lack, and jobs are hard to get these days too. Hence, been a long time.

    But here it is, and I mean it, whenever your mail drops in inbox, it lights up my life. Its no much in dreary settings these days, but the light of hope is what you (a persona) keeps me hopeful that I will one day be back to conquer FX. And this time, I will keep the keeps πŸ™‚

    50 Jr

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