Darwinex / 50Scouts Webinar Prep…

As I promised, I am going to hold an open access webinar to further discuss this opportunity and take questions.

In order to try and make sure that we use our time as efficiently as possible, I would like to ask you to submit any questions you may have ahead of time using the contact section of the blog > LINK.

Naturally, you will also be able to just show up and ask anything you want but I would prefer to have a more structured approach as this will be a lot easier for everyone to follow.

The date for the session still has to be decided but it will take place before 2015 trading will properly kick-off 😉

Thanks in advance for the questions.

See you in the session!


  • Introducing Darwinex, 50Scouts & DarwinIA… > LINK.
  • 50Scouts > LINK.

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