50Scouts Webinar Invite…

Next invitation will be sent out soon. If you qualify and want to attend, make sure you opt-in!

On top of the special member webinars, I have decided to organize an additional treat for 50Scouts Members.

Qualifying traders will be invited to attend a number of live weekly session held for the Weekly Webinar Learning Group. You can go through the FAQ blog post or webinar recording for more details but basically it’s the equivalent to a morning call into NY highlighting context, areas of interest and positioning for the day.

Important notice: If you have signed up through the 50Scouts link and are actually trading through Darwinex please use the “Contact” page to submit you nickname and strategy code along with the email you would like to use for your webinar access credentials.

You don’t need to reconfirm each time once you have attended one of these sessions, you will remain on the list.

Remember to sign-up for email updates on the blog to make sure you don’t miss any developments.

Looking forwards to seeing you in the session 😉

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