Updated Foundational Webinar Series

We set out to try and put together a series of webinars which could serve as a foundation for both novice and more experienced traders.

The aim was not to present a specif strategy, method or definitive guide to trading but rather, a set of guiding principals which would serve to try and set traders on a structured and unbiased path with realistic expectations.

Our focus was on moving away from the notion that there is a secret system, magical indicator and/or quick way to make consistent exaggerated returns. We wanted to help traders embrace the understanding that with a structured approach, dedication and the right expectations, it is indeed possible to achieve good risk adjusted returns.

Risk control and patience will ultimately lead to superior returns but in order for these returns to be sustainable over time, this has to be done through a slow and steady approach, respecting the profession of trading/investing.

In these 6 webinar sessions we covered:

  1. Business of Trading / Trading as a Business: focusing on re-framing your mind and expectations as a self-directed trader/investor.
  2. Market Basics & Dynamics: a structured approach to understanding positioning and context.
  3. Road-map: realistic expectations, building a plan and tracking performance.
  4. Practical Implications: understanding leverage/position sizing, track-record, compounding and the bigger picture.
  5. Guiding Principles & Key Reminders: summary and continuous improvement.
  6. New Session: Understanding Support/Resistance: trading around price action and setup basics.

This post most probably does not do justice to the depth of all the material we covered but as you know, we like to let the content find and attract the right audience.

If you are unfamiliar with our approach, there is a lot of content to explore on the blog that will no doubt help you get a feel for our style. Furthermore, the Interview Category is probably the best place to start for a look into what to expect from this Foundational Series.

Should you be interested in having access to these session, please go to the Learn Page for more details on how to proceed.

Lastly, if you have or once you have access to these session and if you feel they may benefit anyone else, please consider sharing this post as this is the best way to get what we believe to be a right and responsible message out in the open.

Wishing everyone all the best,


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