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“My lesson from Soros is to start every meeting at my boutique by convincing everyone that we are a bunch of idiots who know nothing and are mistake-prone, but happen to be endowed with the rare privilege of knowing it.”

– Nassim Nicholas Taleb

4 thoughts on “Thought of the Day

  1. Hi. I like Your Daily Quotes.

    The today’s Quote is not A Taleb’s Quote.


    > El nov 8, 2016, a las 1:09 AM, 50’s Blog escribió: > > >

    1. Hi Seb, thanks for following and I am glad you enjoy the daily quotes.

      I am not sure why you think that? It is…. you can read it yourself if you have ‘Fooled by Randomness’, it’s in the second edition.

      All the best,


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