Darwinex Reloaded

The next evolution has gone live… Darwinex 2.0 has finally been rolled out and with the switch to the new VaR Darwins, DarwinIA is now allocating € 4,000,000 to the top 48 Darwins every month. Another step in the right direction and a great satisfaction for those that were early adopters and believed in the movement from the start.
Despite the fact that the execution/commission/spreads are reason enough to be on the platform, successful strategies are really starting to reap the rewards of having listed on the Darwinex Exchange. With the top Darwins rapidly approaching the 1M AUM mark, the performance fees are starting to build up nicely and moving into more serious territory… you can do the math yourself; check out the ‘ALl-Darwins’ section and rank the list by AUM. Remember, you’ll get a better view with more info if  you do this after you log-in rather than through the public version of the site.
Well done to all of the 50Scouts members, it’s really great to start to see Darwins in the leader-board and the AUM starting to get traction. Remember, that being a member offers a lot more than the standard perks. For Darwin providers and Investors managing significant AUM , it’s a chance to have a direct line of contact with someone who has been playing this game for  a long time and who can hopefully pass on a wealth of knowledge and experience. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you want to discuss your investor portfolio and/or anytime you get a new allocation. As you can imagine, time is a limited resource so I will let you use your better judgement as to what AUM warrants a discussion.
As you explore the new site, remember that this is a major overhaul and that the guys at Darwinex wanted to get it out a.s.a.p for the benefit of all. As always, there will be small things to sort out and people with have to get used to the new interface. You might find it a bit frustrating or overwhelming at first but like at the start of this journey, those that can focus on the big things and not worry about the cosmetics are the ones that are going to stay in pole-position. Keep in mind that both life and trading tend to work out better for the ‘glass half full’ crowd 😉
You can always get more details on the benefits of registering through 50Scouts on the dedicated page.


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