Video Updates: Early Bird

Just a heads up on that fact that we have finished our beta-test phase of the new Video Update service. If you are interested, the Early Bird subscription offer has gone live and will likely remain valid through out the month of August > Premium.
This Early Bird offer gives you a chance of being grandfathered-in at an advantageous rate before we upgrade to a full subscription schedule.
We are still in the process of exploring content options and even if the actual programming will be constantly evolving, some of the topics we cover are: early release of the weekly outlook video, trade opportunities, deconstructing previous trades, expressing trade ideas through different instruments, seasonal opportunities, trade mechanics/psychology/management and a number of subscriber submitted questions…
Please remember that we are still in the process of ramping up and that we will be off on our annual leave for one week mid-August.
As a reminder, here is the original video we posted before for beta-test phase.

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