Update on Video Service

After 8th months and over 70 Video Updates, we would like to give everyone a heads on the upcoming launch of a new series inside the 50 on Markets Video Updates.
The two main pillars of the service will continue to be:
(i) Release of a weekly outlook video to kick-off every trading week.
(ii) Trade ideas / updates on context detailed through video updates and occasionally with ‘on the radar’ annotated charts delivered through email.
The third pillar will be less structured and probably less interesting for our professional subscribers / more experienced traders but nevertheless, we feel newer traders could benefit immensely from a no BS Q&A series where they could have a log of our views on what we would consider to be natural questions that most retail traders will have /have had as they move along their trading journey.
(iii) ‘Ask 50’: Subscriber driven Q&A segment.
As with most things we do, we always consider This series ‘work in progress’ and will see how it can evolve but for the time being, we will start to tackle topics like: daily profit targets, the importance of limit down, account size, how to pay yourself, scalping different asset classes, discretionary vs. systematic, realistic expectations, office set-up, prepping for the day, news feeds, spot forex vs. futures, managing open p&l, how we use fibs, are bollinger bands useful, swing vs. day trading, hedging, synthetic positions, understanding pivots, majors vs. crosses and more…
We plan to Kick-off these videos in March and wanted to give everyone a chance to sign-up without missing out on any of the content.
If interested, you can subscribe to any of our premium services through our dedicated page.

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