Last Call: Foundational Series

Just a short not to let anyone that was thinking about getting access to these that this package will no longer be available for purchase after august 31st. Naturally, once purchased, the webinars are yours to keep but we will no longer be offering them for purchase.
This package contains 10 recorded 1h long webinars that serve as a foundation to both aspiring traders and subscribers to the Weekly Webinars Group who are looking for a more structured approach to their learning. The webinars cover set of foundational topics ranging from: the business of trading, market dynamics, strategy development, realistic expectations, structuring trade setups and much more.
You can find more details on these sessions in this introductory blog post > Foundational Webinar Series.
The question some will have is: ‘Why are you taking these down’? Well, for a number of reasons but especially, due to pirating and bad actors wrongly using the content. So I wanted to give people that have been thinking about working on their game one last chance to get the original content.
Should you be interested in having access to these sessions > PayPal Link*

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