Weekly Video Outlook…

Due to repeated questions, just a short note to confirm the reason why I have not posted the Weekly Outlook video. Basically, we are still stuck in lower liquidity holiday trading conditions ans since the videos are meant to give viewers a longer term perspective, there is really not point as the broader outlook hasn’t really changed since the last recording. Despite the fact that there have been some inter-day scalping and or positioning trading opportunities, newer traders are usually much better off taking some time off or trading reduced size. Furthermore, I have not been posting levels on twitter for the same reason and also because I do not want newer participants to think that it is business as usual these days…

I would also like to remind those thinking about joining the Weekly Webinars shortly, that it might be a good idea to sign up to start on the 2nd of January as we will kick-off the week/year with clean charts and redraw them from scratch together.

As for the Weekly Wrap-Up & Outlook, they will start again next week and since it will be the first Sunday of the month, that means it will be a LIVE session with Q&A 😉 As usual, make sure you sign up on the homepage for email alerts to make sure you are kept up to date on charts and free webinar sessions.


Weekly Wrap-Up & Outlook | 23/12/2012

Weekly Wrap-Up & Outlook | 16/12/2012

Weekly Wrap-Up & Outlook | 09/12/2012

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Weekly Wrap-Up & Outlook | 09/12/2012

December 2nd Recording…

Thank you for attending > here is the recording > LINK.

Weekly Wrap-Up & Outlook | 25/11/2012

Weekly Wrap-Up & Outlook | 18/11/2012

HD: Weekly Wrap-Up & Outlook | 11/11/2012

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