Weekly Wrap-Up & Outlook | 23/12/2012

6 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-Up & Outlook | 23/12/2012

  1. Thank you 50 for taking precious time during the holiday season to do this. Added 3 more bullets to my 50’s cliff notes from it πŸ™‚
    A. focus on levels not drama on big moves (personal edits)
    B. watching last support zone that broke aggressively to act as resistance (not always
    black & white)
    C. not a fan of the shorter 50 back when there are good opposing wicks to the upside
    (indicating aggressive sellers) so looking for the bigger 50 back of the entire move.

    Again thanks much, your continued insights are appreciated and heeded πŸ™‚

  2. Thanks a lot for sharing your analysis , it’s very helpful . i have one question though regarding the GBPUSD portion of your analysis , how come you treat triple top as a bullish pattern ? does it have to do with the 50% fib or is it something else , thanks again

    1. Hi, I am happy you find it useful. In our way of looking at things we find that this kind of pattern has a tendency to continue ‘in trend’ even if at first it stalls… you might want to look back in the recordings,I am sorry I don’t remember where but we did explain in details once before… thanks for the note. πŸ˜‰

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