Sunday Webinar…

Again on Sunday 13:00 NY time.

> Review of recent price action and a look at what we can expect to see..

> The purpose of these sessions is to show participants how we can have a clear understanding of market dynamics and trade set-ups by simply using: support/resistance, fibs and channels.

> I will not be making trade calls or recommendations, the sessions should be seen as an informal discussion between experienced and novice traders.

Just click on this link to join on Sunday > Enter 50′s Room.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Webinar…

  1. Hi 50, as one of the normally silent majority I just like to say thanks for posting the charts and for your commentary on twitter.
    I’m sure most of the negative tweets and comments come from the vocal but very small majority.
    For me your tweets have been invaluable.


    fxPaul on twitter

    1. Thank you Paul, I really appreciate your comment… zen as always but I guess I’m only human, it just gets to me sometimes, I know it shouldn’t. Thanks

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