50Scouts Update…

As discussed in the introduction to Darwinex on the dedicated blog page (LINK), the main focus of 50Scout, apart from contributing to the Giving Back initiatives (LINK), is to identify traders that meet backing requirements and improving trader performance. We have already held a private webinar with Juan Colón, CEO of Darwinex for active members and we will likely continue to hold more of these in the future.
With the investor platform very close to launch and with DarwinIA continuing to increase the pot, the time has come to try and take things to the next level and further assist traders committed to doing things the right way. In-line with what we have discussed in the past about trying to do my part, I will be starting to offer a free 30m one-to-one call to all active 50Scouts members once they have reached the minimum experience level and launched their Darwin. It will be a chance for us to review the strategy and for newly listed Darwin providers to pick my brain or just shoot the breeze and say hi! 😉
Should you wish to take me up on the offer, please use the “Contact” page to submit your request clearly indicating your Darwinex credentials: Name, Strategy, Darwin and E-mail.
I hate to have to stress this but please note that I will cross-check the credentials with Darwinex to make sure everything lines-up.
Looking forwards to catching up!
  • Register through 50Scouts > LINK.
  • Webinar Recording: Darwinex / 50Scouts Q&A > LINK.
  • Webinar w/Juan Colón of Darwinex > LINK.

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