Heads Up…

I am not going to record a weekly outlook video as things are still too uncertain with most euro crosses looking to open with 200+ pips gaps… I do not want newer traders to think that there is any edge in trying to buy a lottery ticket into the open.

Keep in mind that markets will likely be very volatile, thin and nervous; characteristics that usually lead to horror stories not high r/r trading. Don’t forget brokers will be on edge too and that if you get in trouble by trying to be a hero in these conditions, it will be very difficult to blame anyone but yourself for whatever happens.

I would suggest sitting back and letting things settle. If you still haven’t read it, then I would suggest you take a look at the latest blog post which falls into the #fxadvice category, hopefully benefiting both new and older traders. Don’t hesitate to share it or RT it; I feel that they are basic points but that unfortunately, they are never stressed enough.

As I mentioned in the last YouTube video, I wanted to do something special for followers this week. The current plan, depending on how the markets react/settle, is to try and do a full day open-room policy. Basically, I will open up a webinar and be available for questions and do live updates throughout the day. As you can imagine, the initial plan to do it on Monday has been scrapped as I will likely be very busy but I will make it a point to dedicate some time to this this week… just paying it forwards.

To all of the 50Scouts members, please remember that you have to opt-in to the special invite sessions if you are interested in attending.

Wishing everyone a pippin’ week ahead.

Stay safe πŸ˜‰




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