Heads Up…

The blog, twitter account and weekly webinars will be taking a break and we’ll be back on Sunday 16th with a new edition of the Weekly Wrap-Up & Outlook.

On a side note regarding the Weekly Webinar Sessions; some fairly significant additions will be announced when we get back so, if you were thinking of signing up, I would suggest you do so earlier rather than later. As a reminder, subscribing locks you in at the subscription rate as long as you remain an active subscriber ahead of all future revisions.

Apart from the additional content, we will also be putting new subscriptions ‘on hold’ and only open them up  every 3/6 months in order to ensure a more structured approach through the additional content and optimal live Q&A access for the morning call.

I am sure that those that are interest can easily find their way to the learn page to subscribe… it’s probably amongst the best trades out there; excellent risk/reward 😉

All the best to everyone, catch you all back on the 16th!

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  1. Reblogged this on 50's Blog and commented:

    Just a reminder for email subscribers that additions/changes to the Weekly Webinars Group service will be announced on Monday.

    In case you were thinking about signing up, this is your chance to lock-in the current rates.

    Catch you all back in action on Sunday with the new outlook video 😉

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