Foundational Session: 50 on Markets

Session confirmed for Wednesday September 28th @ 12:15 EST / 18:15 CET.

50 on Markets

If you were thinking of signing up to the Weekly Webinar Sessions, I would suggest you do so sooner rather than later.

On Wednesday September 28th (timing tbc), we will be holding a special webinar where we discuss and elaborate on 50 on Markets series. As usual, subscribers to the weekly sessions get invited to attend these foundational sessions live and therefore, can also benefit from the Q&A function throughout  the webinar.

This session will be added to the Foundational Series, taking the total series run-time to over 7 hours.

Should you be interest, you can find more details on the Learn Page > LINK

If you purchased the foundational series in the past and would like to receive a complementary invite to this new webinar, please use the contact form to get in touch so that you can be added to the invite list.

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