New 50Scouts Webinar

It’s time for another 50Scouts Group Webinar!

Once again, Juan Colón of Darwinex is going to be very generous with his time and give us a general rundown of recent news, changes and what is in the pipeline. As usual, we will also have time for an open Q&A segment too.

The Webinar will be held on Friday September 30th @ 10:30 EST / 16:30 CET. More details will be sent out before the session.

Please note that I will be sending out invitations for this webinar directly to traders who have signed up through the 50Scouts link and that are actually trading through Darwinex.

Looking forwards to seeing you there 😉


Remember that 50Scouts link is valid for both Trader and Investor accounts.

Advantages of registering through 50Scouts:

  • gives you the opportunity to get backed.
  • allows you to benefit from a number of special member webinar sessions; ranging from best practices, strategy optimization, attracting investor monies and special updates from Darwinex.
  • offers you the possibility benefit from a free 30m one-to-one call once you have reached the minimum experience level to launch your Darwin.
  • entitles you to receive special invitations to attend select Weekly Webinar Learning Group Sessions (usually once per month).
  • as an Investor: not only allows you to benefit from all the trader benefits listed above but also gives you access to Darwin performance/selection webinars and offers you the possibility to qualify for a free 30m one-to-one call to review your portfolio and selection criteria.


  • Register through 50Scouts > LINK.
  • 50Scouts Blog Page > LINK.

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