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Markets love to get interesting when you would least want them to do so… and in classic fashion, things are heating up right ahead of our summer break. We will be out of the office this coming week and posts will resume with a new Outlook Video next Sunday (August 20th) before markets open for the week.
We are starting to see a lot of interesting action across the board and no doubt the talking heads are going to start to focus on what we have been discussing for months now: Dax breakdown, Nasdaq top, weak internals, deteriorating price action in transports/retail, strong yen, continued rotation on euro, impact on commodity currencies and so on…
The weekly close is going to be particularly important and we would expect that the market will not be in a hurry to put on more risk but rather cut exposure as we go into the weekend. As usual for the most part of this year, we have  been positioning long bonds and long gold into the weekend (apart from metals swing longs that are still in play).
If you are looking for more details, please look back at the recent weekly outlook as we discuss a lot of these things in detail. Again, don’t forget that updated charts are posted throughout the day on Twitter (there is a good amount of interesting setups that have been posted this week) and please don’t hesitate to use the TAGS on the blog homepage to find recent posts.
In terms of those looking for the end of the world following recent price action, we would like to make two comments: (i) in terms of context, the Dow didn’t even manage to close down a full percentage point yesterday, you haven’t seen any real selling yet (ii) don’t worry about it, if the world is ending, there is nothing you can do about it and your brokerage account is really not a concern.
If you sign up for any of the Premium content, please note that there might be a slight delay in getting your account setup but everything will be up and running by the 20th at the very latest.
We’ll be keeping an eye on the action from a distance and don’t forget that sometimes, the best trades on the board could be the trades that you are already holding 😉
All the best to everyone and see you soon!

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    1. Thank you my dear friend! Hopefully I will not get in trouble by checking up on the markets too often 😉 I’ll do my best to be good! Thanks again. All the best.

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