EOY Action

As we move into the last trading day before the start of the holiday season, our focus will be on how the weekly candles on the indices close today.
Everyday posts on the blog will resume in 2018 but the twitter feed will remain active. If possible, we’ll try to run some kind of open-access webinar over the holidays, so stay tuned for details here on the blog.
If you are looking to sign up for our Daily Webinar Group, please note that today is the last one for 2017. Daily sessions will resume on January 2nd and the recommendation would be to sign up before then as that is when we go through our year-end review and look at the bigger themes/swings for 2018.
Remember that trading condition can be very thin from hereon into 2018. Usually, you would not expect to see aggressive and sustained action but stranger things have happened…

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