Heads Up for Blog Readers

As usual, I like to do a little something for blog readers / email subscribers to thank them for their support and to that effect, I am giving you a heads up on the fact that next week will see a price increase for the Daily Webinar Subscription and the Daily Webinar + Update Videos COMBO.
In case you were thinking about signing up, this is a chance to lock-in the current rates.
As a reminder, subscribing locks you in at the current subscription plan for as long as you remain an active subscriber.
Please note that any news subscriptions from now into the weekend will be processed on Sunday before we open for the next trading week.
Wishing everyone a great weekend ahead!

2 thoughts on “Heads Up for Blog Readers

  1. Please unsubscribe my email from your email list. I tried to do it myself but it seems the process is unclear.
    Thank you

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