Ignore the Circus, Focus on the Levels

“As long as we continue to learn, welcome new ideas and ways of doing things, and continually expand our understanding of ourselves and the world around us, then we are engaging in the ultimate creativity of the self.” – 365 Tao: Daily Meditations
The talking heads will always find a way to spin the narrative and focus on the ‘why’. We are a lot more interested on the ‘what’ or ‘where’; as traders, we understand that markets are forward looking and that it is a lot more productive to focus on ‘what’ price is doing and ‘a what price (where)’ it is doing it.
The levels discussed in our Weely Outlook Video and in our Morning Call remain largely unchanged and as usual, we will update this on Sunday.
Chart of the day: VIX is finally starting to wake up…

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2 thoughts on “Ignore the Circus, Focus on the Levels

  1. Fantastic header “IGNORE THE CIRCUS, FOCUS ON THE LEVELS”, and great rundown on the VIX…very good stuff! I completely agree with ignoring the talking-heads.

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