Into Labor Day Weekend

“I used to try to will things to happen. My attitude was that I figured it out, therefore it can’t be wrong. What is the ultimate rationalization of an investor in a losing position? “I’ll get out when I’m even.” I became a winner when I was able to say, “To hell with my ego, making money is more important.” – Marty Schwartz
Nothing much has changed as we wait for today’s data points. As we discussed in our weekly outlook video, and yesterday’s post, we’re going to have to see how we trade into the end of the week, without forgetting that we’re going into a 3 day weekend.
We continue to contend the health of this market where we continue to see low liquidity ramps and out of sync intraday moves. However, as we like to say; it is what it is. We have to look for opportunities in the markets that we get, not the market that we would like to get.
Please note that the next weekly outlook video will be posted on Monday and depending on how we close, we’ll also review upside targets for DJI, SPX and NDX.
Wishing everyone a great break!

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