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“Let me give you a tip – moping around like a sad puppy dog isn’t going to help you. Change your attitude. Attitude is the one thing you have total control over and the minute you let doubt, depression or martyrdom creep in, you set yourself up for a long life of mediocrity.” – Jim Wendler
Tariffs, tariffs and more tariffs. You can run but you can’t hide… As long as Asia stays heavy, there is a real risk of downside acceleration across the board.
Today we will go into even more detail not only on the Gold technical picture but also on the seasonality and current swing that is in play.
Don’t forget to keep an eye on USDJPY. Intraday action in this pair is hands-down the most interesting/important dynamic that has been playing out in the markets and (naturally) with Gold, a key piece of the puzzle…
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