Post FOMC Action

“Trading is very simple; either you make money or you don’t make money. I wasn’t depending on anyone else. When you work for someone else, if you make money somebody gives you a bonus and if you lose money, somebody else pays your salary. When I was working for myself, it was the ultimate meritocracy, I was worth exactly what I made, no more, no less.” – David Kyte
As we head into final GDP data, Draghi, Powell and Poloz, the focus will be on how markets and flows settle into the end of the week, month and quarter. As tempting as it may be to jump to conclusions following FOMC, the reality is that markets still need to settle and digest yesterday’s statement. We know that this process usually takes 24/48 hour, especially in the current context of very heavy headline flows.
In today’s session, we will review and detail our base-case scenario on Tech and the Russell.
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