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“If you want to know what a man is really like, take notice of how he acts when he loses money.” – Simone Weil
Not a lot has changed as we move into the new week of trade. The key themes remain:
– Have equities bottomed and has the year-end rally started or are we in the early stages of a more pronounced bear market?
– Have we seen enough pain in the Oil market and is the unwind over?
– Is King Dollar back and is the strong dollar going to ‘break the world’?
We’ve tackled all these topics and more in the recent Outlook Video and will continue to focus on them this week in the charts we post here on the blog.
Don’t forget to continue to keep and eye on action in USDCNH, the EURUSD affair with the 1.13 mark and GOLD around the 1200.
If you are interested in a more structured way of tackling the business of trading, attending a live daily morning call or a more detailed discussion on the charts we post / trade ideas, don’t hesitate to check out our Premium content.
Wishing you a great day ahead.


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