Into NFP

“Many can talk the talk but few can translate this into a decent track-record… the basics are, pretty basic but practice is more tricky. If this rings true for you, you might want to focus more on understanding bet size and how that effects the translation of your edge. Obsessing about entry and triggers, all things being equal, is probably the least important aspect yet very few ever get this. Remember that if you get your bet size wrong, you could end up with a negative p&l even with a guaranteed mathematical edge.” – Trading Reflections

A lot of key developments as we move into NFP and the end of the week. Among many things to focus on: Indices closes around our key pivotal levels and the 200DMAs, Euro close above/below the 1.12 mark and the overall change of pace. Don’t forget we have Opex next week but more on that in due time…
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Wishing you a great day ahead.

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