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“If the problem has a solution, worrying is pointless, in the end the problem will be solved. If the problem has no solution, there is no reason to worry, because it can’t be solved.” – Zen Proverb

Seeing a lot of talk about positioning for an imminent conflict between KSA and Iran. For those that are too young to remember or forgot, here is what happened in 2003 with Iraq…
CME FedWatch Tool… markets move.
SPX chart overlayed with Powell FOMC Press conferences and Quarterly Expiration Cycles. We can’t stress how important this is…
Key Topics for us this week will be: (i) the situation in KSA (ii) Trump and the Mini-Deal (iii) RTY vs. FANG (iv) Bond seasonals (v)Powell and a Hawkish Cut (vi) Brexit developments and last but not least (vii) Draghi and a possible regime shift in Europe.
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